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Dean still dating lesley

Dean Unglert Won't Date Anyone From 'The Bachelor' Again: None Of These Relationships Are Real!

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While Dean didn't appear on Lesley's Instagram or vice versa, they took pictures of the same thing at the same time and even sometimes from the same angle. I'm happy for both Lesley and Dean, though. Dean had a rough go of it on Bachelor In Paradise, and it's good that he's learned from his time on the show. Dean is happy, Lesley is happy, and they spent Valentine's Day in the exact same place at the exact same time? I think it's safe to say based on having eyes and ears that Dean and Lesley are together on The Bachelor Winter Games, and they're basically shouting their love from the rooftops.

Dean Unglert's got a lot to think about following his recent split from The Bachelor Winter Games' Lesley Murphy, who left the show as a couple, only to break up last week after four months of dating.​ The candid reality star opened up about what went wrong on the the brand new. Gone are the days of airtight social media, it's all out there now. For example, Dean and Lesley are still dating after Bachelor Winter Games. Dean Unglert swore he was done trying to find love in Bachelor Nation after things didn't work out for him post Bachelor Winter Games. "It's imperative to find someone who is ready," says Lesley Murphy. “I still have a lot of work to do on myself, a lot to prove to myself, before I'm ready for Murphy and Unglert met and started dating while shooting ABC's.

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