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What to wear for date night at home

Stay At Home Date Night!

A date night at home, if you’re looking for something more romantic, can involve smooth music that you both enjoy, a nice candle-lit dinner with your favorite meals, followed my watching a movie or a series of movies together in the dark, followed by some intimate kissing. Whatever happens after that is all based on how comfortable you and your partner are.

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But just because you're watching movies and snuggling on the couch doesn't make it a date, date. And that's also precisely why having a date night at home requires a few extra steps to separate it from just "staying in.

After all, you want to separate date night from every other night, and that means you both have to change out of your chip-stained sweatpants. Of course you don't need to wear a dress or a suit and tie unless you want to. But I am talking about wearing some sexy lingerie, your partner's favorite shirt, or at least a pair of clean pajamas.

Set The Mood Giphy Again, this is all about making your date night stand out from any other night. Maybe a game night, a horror movie marathon, or an evening spent reading your favorite books? Go for it, but trade your typical takeout for a themed meal like homemade Spaghetti Carbonara, tiramisu and a bottle of Chianti.

What's the best date night outfit to wear when you want to dazzle your Date night outfits for movies at home should create an alluring look that. The best game night dates are comfy, casual, and a little competitive. A classic outfit Want to spice things up for your next at-home dinner date? Cook together​.

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