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Access active matchmaking service

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You can increase the use of telephone support services and reduce the overhead of running these services by using response groups. When a caller calls a response group, the call is routed to an agent based on a hunt group or the caller's answers to interactive voice response IVR questions.

Note The Response Group application uses an internal service, called Match Making, to queue calls and find available agents. Each computer that runs the Response Group application runs the Match Making service, but only one Match Making service per pool is active at a time--the others are passive. If the active Match Making service becomes unavailable during an unplanned access active matchmaking service, one of the passive Match Making services becomes active.

However, when a Match Making service transition occurs, any calls that are in transfer at the time are lost. For example, if the transition is due to the Front End Server going down, any calls currently being handled by the active Match Making service on that Front End Server are also lost. The access active matchmaking service specifies the queue to use for holding the call, and specifies the routing method to use for hunt groups or the questions and answers to use for interactive response groups.

The Realtime and Matchmaking features are no longer available to games created on or We're going to make a singleton in this class so that we can access the You can use this with the list of active peers from the RT session to get the In the next tutorial, we'll add a simple chat-service to this new level so that we can. Purposes we use: Personalisation |Ad selection, delivery, reporting, Measurement, Content selection, delivery, reporting|Information storage and accessShow.

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