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Siltbreaker matchmaking

Dota 2 Full Playthrough Speedrun of Siltbreaker: Act 1

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Published:19 September Dota 2 Valve posted their siltbreaker matchmaking thoughts about Dota 2's problematic players in a wall of text otherwise aimed at the upcoming matchmaking changes. Valve have had enough of trying to correct their behaviour apparently, as a recent blog post regarding matchmaking took a look at the not-so-correctional measures that are now in place to prevent such siltbreaker matchmaking.

Picture of Siltbreaker doing his thing in Dota 2 Dota 2 - Siltbreaker In the case of the person who made the linked Reddit post, their Conduct Score was at the time of writing but given the ban was in effect, it's hard to imagine it going up or down.

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You can play the Siltbreaker finale now in either normal or Adventure Mode, experience – especially for those using random matchmaking. International Ranked is now out of service., As of 12 AM PDT on September 18,, Siltbreaker Matchmaking has been disabled., As of

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